Who We Are

Getting to know Rockwood Structures
At Rockwood Structures,in regard to Construction, we are proud to say that we have done and we do it all. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Design/Build is what we do everyday and its what we have been doing for almost 2 decades. Our expertise, honesty, continuing education and value is what sets us apart from the rest of our like competitors. Let Rockwood take care of you!
As a Commercial Build out or Tenant improvement specialist, our main focus is to get you moving to make money! We understand the pressures of lease agreements, time, money, schedules and the need to open for business. As we specialize in Medical and Dental Tenant Build Outs, we have quite a portfolio under our belt for Office Space, Open Concept, Modern and Traditional design/build Office layouts. The flow of the office is just as improtant as the overall function. For a successful office to operate it needs good design, good flow and good function. Our design professionals are the best in the business and the quality of our finished product is second to none. We would apprciate an opportunity to speak with you in regard to your next build out. We aim to be the best no matter the complexity of the design or the size of your budget; we build them all....with pride and quality.  
In regard to Residential Construction we understand the personal and emotional aspects that pour into the design and ideas for your Custom Home. Our design teams help you layout an appropriate floor plan based off of your individual budget. After all, your home is a reflection of you. It is our job to obtain the specification and information you relay and turn your drream home into a reality. Every Custom Home is Different and has it's own personal touch.....Just like you! Every design aspect, every budget and every idea for a custom home is unique and we specialize in the simple art of listening to your needs; not to mention our complete transparent building practice that we establish with you from day one. How can you possibly know what you want before you see it? Our business model allows you to change your mind without worrying about changing your budget. No need to shop for the best price! Our quality, price and transparentcy cannot be matched. Talk to one of our design professionals today to schedule a free consultation. Your dream home and ideas may be closer to reality than you think and we would love the opportunity to truly help you.
As well as Residential and Commercial Construction, it has never crossed our minds to leave out Industrial. With several Industrial Projects designed and built to completly satified completion we are proud to say we are an Industrial Builder. From overhead cranes, speciality metal fabrication shops, machine shops with robust foundation design, and the simple storage facility, we can and have done it. We have very close connections with several Metal Building Manufacturers in Houston, as well as, surrounding areas. We do it quick and we do it with quality; just like all of our projects. Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you on your next Industrial Building Project.